Area Man Uses Ebola Excuse to Extend Vacation Days

By SOME KERNELS OF TRUTH Nov. 17, 2014 Idaho Falls, ID — David Allen of Idaho Falls has been formally documented by his employer for lying about being exposed to Ebola and voluntarily going into isolation in his apartment for 21 days. According to his employer, Mason Construction Services, Allen is in fact healthy and was never […]

Woman Refuses to Visit Tropical Locales Due to Fear of Insects

By SOME KERNELS OF TRUTH Nov. 14, 2014 BOSTON, MA — A woman in Boston, Massachusetts is angering friends over her refusal to travel to any tropical region for fear of encountering exotic insects. “My friends and I are trying to plan a fun trip for this winter and they keep suggesting places like Puerto Rico and […]

Amazon Contracts with School Buses for Help with Holiday Deliveries

By SOME KERNELS OF TRUTH Nov. 6, 2014 SEATTLE, WA — Amazon insiders report that the company is in talks with school bus companies to create a partnership in which the buses and their passengers will help handle Amazon’s increased delivery demands during the holiday season. As for how the proposed school bus partnership would […]

Local Politician Regrets Honest Advertising Campaign in Light of Election Day Loss

By SOME KERNELS OF TRUTH Nov. 5, 2014 CANTONVILLE, NJ — Ray Murray is expressing regret over his honest advertising campaign in his unsuccessful run for school board president of District 3 in Cantonville, New Jersey. He has served as a member of the board since 2013 but was not elected as its president yesterday. Murray’s campaign featured […]

Local Resident Insists on Commenting on Neighbors’ Comings and Goings

By SOME KERNELS OF TRUTH Oct. 7, 2014 BROOKLYN, NY — Park Slope residents in one rental complex have filed a complaint with their landlord about neighbor Mary Farnsworth. According to the complaint, Farnsworth “repeatedly engages in nosy behavior with everyone in the building, invading our privacy at every turn.” Complex residents state that Farnsworth […]

Area Family Disqualified from Family Feud for Feuding

By SOME KERNELS OF TRUTH Oct. 20, 2014 LONG BEACH, CA — The Garcia family from Long Beach, California has been disqualified from long-running game show Family Feud due to excessive feuding between relatives. The disqualification occurred during an in-person audition for the show on Saturday, October 18 in Los Angeles. Members of the Garcia family say […]

Local Parent Faces Backlash for Notifying Young Son of Upcoming Divorce Via Text

By SOME KERNELS OF TRUTH Sept. 23, 2014 POMONA, NY — Area resident Linda Wilson is facing criticism for notifying her 8-year-old son Michael of her upcoming divorce from his father via a text message. “When I read that text, I couldn’t believe it. Her son was right there on the message! That’s just so […]