Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Go Stop!

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I am such a games geek that the minute I read this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “go,” I thought of the Asian card game “Go Stop.”

The game comes from Korea, where it is called “hwatu,” and it’s played with Japanese hanafuda cards.

I love hanafuda cards, which I first learned about while playing a Nintendo game. As I became more and more obsessed with them, I started reading up on their history and the various games that are played with them throughout the world.

From my understanding — I’m still no expert — gameplay of “Go Stop” is similar to “Koi Koi,” the Japanese game I’m used to playing with hanafuda cards. However, I haven’t officially played that version myself. I want to, since some aspects of it are different than what I’m used to with Koi Koi.

My main obstacle is the fact that no one I know is interested in learning these games, or they’re not inclined to play games at all, or we simply never have time to try.

So it remains on my list of technically-unimportant-yet-important-to-me goals. Because playing electronic/online versions isn’t terrible, but after a certain point, I want the full experience!


First of all, I don’t want to be so reliant on a computer to handle scoring for me. I feel like I’m just clicking cards then and not fully playing. I also don’t feel a computer plays the same as a person would; I often see it make a move that no opponent in their right mind would do. Winning that way just isn’t satisfying!

Plus, like I said, I’m a games geek — in my early zeal, I bought a few versions of a hanafuda deck, to include the Japanese original, the Korean version, and a Hawaiian deck since each one varies slightly and is better for each region’s games.

But what have I done with them so far?

Nothing; they sit here, collecting dust…well, not really, since they’re in a drawer. But you get what I mean!

This has turned out to be a bittersweet SoCS post, huh? Well, I see it as a good reminder to pursue this unofficial goal of mine; perhaps I can investigate making a meetup group event for this, like the ones that exist for everything from Scrabble to chess. As they say, if you see a need for something that doesn’t exist, make it yourself!

Which is actually a very inspiring and motivating way to look at things, big or small.

In fact, I encourage you to think about something you’ve looked for and haven’t been able to find, and consider offering it yourself — and feel free to mention it here for thoughts and feedback!


    1. Right?! Thanks, I’m glad you see what I mean. I also love that you and your daughter play board games on visits — I feel like they’re becoming somewhat of a lost art! I do play games when I’m with my mom, but somehow there are never enough time for these. But I vow to change that…!


  1. There’s also a Japanese game called, “Go”, that is played with colored marbles on a board. It’s a strategy game that is considered to be more complex than Chess. I’ve only played the computer version against the computer, but I suspect the real deal is a lot more fun.

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    1. Ah, yes, glad you mentioned that — I’ve played that game too. It was also on the same video game that introduced me to hanafuda cards. I liked it, although I didn’t get hooked on it like I did with Koi Koi and Go Stop. But I too suspect playing it in person would be a good experience; I think I’d see possible moves better that way than on a screen. I have to remember to try that.

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    1. Thanks! As for your next novel scene, we know it’s out there somewhere…maybe we should give you a prompt, the way you help us come up with posts each week via your great SoCS prompts! I seriously find them so helpful. 🙂


  2. I was looking for a film festival in my town, in Binghamton, NY. I couldn’t find one! It’s very possible for me to start one myself, and it’s tempting, especially as I have a venue for it, but I so do not have the desire to do it all on my own. Instead, I’m going to be networking, slowly but surely, with other people interested in film and filmmaking. And maybe, with enough interest, we’ll get one going.

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    1. It’s great that you have the opportunity to create the film festival you’re looking for, down to having a venue; I agree, though, that it would be a lot on one person. So networking to find like-minded, equally capable people is a good way to start. Would be amazing to have not only a film festival come from it, but also the possible development of local social connections who share your interests…I look forward to hearing how it all goes and wish you good luck! 🙂

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  3. I loved this post , I am not a huge game player but I am sure there must be lots of people out there who are can you put an invitation to play in a locale paper, or is that an unwise suggestion . I have been fascinated by watching people playing Marjon . I don’t know the game Stop Go but I do hope you can get the full experience soon. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Oddly enough, I hadn’t thought of local newspapers; I was thinking of doing this via websites like meetup, but I shouldn’t forget about print publications. Plus they have websites, too, so they could be doubly effective…thanks for the suggestion!


  4. I was thinking of the game Monopoly when I saw the prompt. As in “Do not pass go or collect $200.” I wonder if there is an Asian Senior Center around you where the people would know and enjoy playing these games or Asian people in a Retirement or Nursing Home. They would love playing and interacting with you and you would learn something from them as well.

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    1. Oh yes, I can see how it could sound like a reference to Monopoly! And I really appreciate your great suggestions. You know, I never thought of seeing about doing something like this with retirement homes. I should definitely look into that, as well as Asian organizations. Thanks so much for the good ideas!

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