Woman Refuses to Visit Tropical Locales Due to Fear of Insects


BOSTON, MA — A woman in Boston, Massachusetts is angering friends over her refusal to travel to any tropical region for fear of encountering exotic insects.

“My friends and I are trying to plan a fun trip for this winter and they keep suggesting places like Puerto Rico and Hawaii, but I hear there are huge, flying bugs in tropical places like that. So there’s no way I’ll go there,” said Melinda Michaelson.

Michaelson’s friends say they don’t understand her staunch refusal to visit a tropical climate.

“First of all, we’d be staying at a nice hotel and would probably never even venture out beyond the tourist areas, which I’m sure are not running rampant with bugs,” said Lisa Andrews, a friend of Michaelson’s. “Besides, it’s winter; why would we not visit a tropical climate? There’s no point in visiting another cold area!” Andrews added.

Fellow friend Angela Ford agrees with Andrews. “I even suggested hot, but dry, areas like Arizona, but Melinda won’t go there either. She started talking about how places like that have scorpions and that was the end of that discussion too, which was really frustrating,” Ford said.

As for where Michaelson would be comfortable staying, she told reporters she is open to “temperate places” but would not elaborate further.

The group has put their vacation plans on hold for the time being, pending further research and discussion.

Note: Just some more fake news for fun, yet based on true discussions I’ve been a part of; there’s always a “kernel of truth” (well hello, blog name shout-out!) to the “fake” stories I write!


  1. You had me going again. I thought it was a true story. I would tell Melinda we have plenty of crazy insects in every state. Not just the tropical ones. Although, I did read about some kind of huge wasps from Texas one time that kind of put me off wanting to live there. But California has it’s share. I once saw a Tarantula Hawk Wasp at Griffith Park. They are pretty big. I had to look them up afterward to find out more about them. Would not want one of those landing on me.

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    1. I love that the stories read realistically despite being a bit odd; thanks! I really enjoy combining “news” writing with humor. 🙂 As for the tarantula hawk wasp you saw, I searched for pictures of it online — wow, it really IS big. Can’t imagine seeing one in person!

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  2. I was wondering, is this a re-blog? Did she cut and paste a newspaper article? And then at the end… you got me again! I am going to have to start at the bottom of your posts from now on hahaha.

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