One-Liner Wednesday : En Français!

« La plupart des gens trompent parce qu’ils accordent plus d’attention à ce qui leur manque plutôt qu’à ce qu’ils ont déjà. » 

Note: This was posted as part of LindaGHill’s fun blogging event known as One-Liner Wednesday. I came across this great one-liner on an online service aimed at people learning French; I studied it myself but have gotten rusty over the years, so I often seek out sites where I can brush up on it. This sentence roughly translates to: “Most people are misguided because they devote more attention to what they’re lacking rather than on what they already have.” Very true!   


  1. That is one difficult sentence to translate! I lived in Quebec for 15 years and I only got about half of it… Then again, I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far. My excuse: sticking to it. hehe
    Great quote though. Thanks for the translation 😀

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    1. I like that excuse, haha! As for me, I can’t always translate well; it all depends on the particular phrases used or the verb tenses (for instance the old simple past tense that pops up often in literature always throws me). But he meaning of this sentence came to me pretty easily — although I did double check “trompent” to be sure my interpretation was on the right track. 🙂

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